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Electropolishing of stainless steel

Eletropolishing princicple

Electropolishing or electrolytic polishing is a technique for improving the surface quality of stainless steel parts by anodic dissolution of the surface layer. This process makes it possible to obtain a smoother and brighter surface, and especially to remove the impurities remaining after the machining of the part.

In addition, the electrolytic bath, which dissolves the surface of the metal over a few microns, also generates a protective layer of chromium oxide, which increases the resistance to corrosion (passivation phenomenon).

Electropolishing is a common practice for certain industries (food, pharmaceutical, biochemical…) where everything must be done to limit the presence of impurities and micro-organisms that could take advantage of the surface roughness. Cleaning and decontamination are more effective on stainless steel parts treated in this way.

Electrolytic treatment has the advantage of being able to be used on all types of metal parts, even the most fragile, unlike mechanical polishing which can create deformations and stresses (and which is difficult to use on complex shapes).


On request, we can provide you with parts and fittings polished by electrochemical process, for a maximum quality of the installations: do not hesitate to contact us to discover this service.

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