Connection standards

Each industry (chemical, pharmaceutical, food…) uses specific connection standards, whose origin is historical. We make sure to provide an exhaustive range of fittings and piping parts, corresponding to all gauges. If an item is not available in our stainless steel parts catalog on the Sofra Inox website, contact us ! We will make the parts to your specifications.

Machining of custom stainless steel parts

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SMS 1145

Developed by the Swedish Institute for Standards , SMS 1145 is a standard for fittings used mainly in the food industry. The fittings consist of a liner, a threaded nose, a grooved nut and an L-shaped gasket. The gasket is completely surrounded by the metal, which ensures an excellent seal.

We manufacture SMS parts and fittings from DN 25 to DN 104 in 316 and 316L stainless steel.

Swedish Institute for standards
raccord sms 1145
SMS 1145 Fitting
SMS threaded part
SMS liner


ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers ) is a professional association of American engineers and scientists. It is the source of more than 600 standards used in industry.

The ASME BPE (BioProcessing Equipment) standard is an international standard, which specifically addresses the design of equipment used in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Clamp fittings meeting this standard consist of 2 ferrules, a clamp collar and a gasket.

We manufacture parts and fittings from DN 1″ to DN 4″.

Raccord Clamp ASME BPE
ASME BPE Clamp fitting
Coude Clamp ASME-BPE
ASME-BPE elbow
High pressure collar

DIN standards

DIN 11851 and DIN 11864

These are 2 standards for food fittings proposed by the Deutsches Institut für Normung .

DIN 11851 was traditionally used in the dairy industry and the name “dairy fitting” has been retained. Like the SMS fittings, the DIN 11851 fittings consist of a female liner part, a male threaded part, a lock nut and an O-ring, which is completely enclosed by the fitting.

The DIN 11864 fittings are available in 3 versions: Type 1 (threaded fittings), Type 2 (flange fittings) and Type 3 (clamp fittings). We offer DIN 11864-1 fittings in form A (O-ring) and form B (square joint).

We also offer a wide range of weldable pipe parts (elbows, tees, reducers) according to DIN 11852

We machine parts and fittings from DN 10 to DN 150.

Norme DIN
Raccord DIN 11851
DIN 11851 fitting
DIN 11864-1 Form A fitting
Té à souder DIN 11852
DIN 11852 welding tee

DIN 2353

German fittings DIN 2353, also called cutting ring fittings, do not have a seal. They consist of a threaded tube, a ring and a hexagonal nut. When the nut is tightened, the ring is deformed and bites into the surface of the tube to be connected, thus ensuring a tight seal, without the need to weld the part.

We produce parts and fittings from DN 6 to DN 42.

DIN 32676

Also called tri-clamp, these fittings are assembled using a clamp instead of a nut. In addition to the clamp, DIN 32676 fittings consist of 2 ferrules and a gasket.

We manufacture parts and fittings from DN 10 to DN 100.

Raccord Clamp DIN 32676
DIN 32676 Clamp fitting
ferrule DIN 32676
DIN 32676 Clamp ferrule
Collier clamp
Clamp fitting collar

Macon winery fittings

The winegrower fittings are composed of a male threaded nose, a female liner, and a square seal. French wine regions used to use specific threads; nowadays, there are essentially 2 standards in the producing countries. The Macon fitting (the most common) comes from the Lyon region, while the Pepin fitting comes from the Bordeaux tradition.

We offer parts and fittings from DN 40 to DN 100.

Raccord vinicole Macon
Macon winery fitting
Pièce filetée Macon
Macon threaded part
Pièce lisse Macon
Macon liner

RJT (BS 4825)

RJT (Ring Joint Type) fittings are based on the British Standard Institution BS 4825 standard. Historically, they were used by the British dairy and brewery industries.

RJT fittings consist of three stainless steel parts (hex nut or lock nut, threaded part and plain part) and an O-ring.

We offer parts and fittings from DN 1″ to DN 4″.

Norme BSI
Raccord RJT
RJT fitting
Pièce lisse RJT
RJT liner
Pièce filetée RJT
RJT threaded part

IDF (ISO 2853)

International Dairy Federation fittings meet the European standard ISO 2853.

IDF fittings consist of a liner part, a threaded part, a hexagonal or grooved nut, and a unique profile gasket (T-section).

We machine parts and fittings from DN 1″ to DN 4″.

International Dairy Federation
Raccord IDF
Pièce lisse IDF
Pièce lisse IDF
Pièce filetée IDF

Guillemin/DSP quick couplings

Guillemin symmetrical fittings, or fireman/DSP fittings, have been used in France since the 19th century for fire fighting, but also for irrigation and liquid transfer. They are composed of 2 symmetrical half-couplings with claw (and therefore interchangeable) and a square joint. The coupling is closed by a simple rotation of the parts.

We offer parts and fittings from DN 15 to DN 100.