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TIG welding of stainless steel

The purpose of welding stainless steel is to obtain metallic continuity between two welded parts, to ensure strength, watertightness, conductivity… In the case of stainless steel, the high chromium content creates an oxidation problem during the welding process, which decreases the resistance of the whole. It is therefore necessary to protect the metal with an inert gas flow.

TIG welding

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) arc welding is based on the combination of a tungsten electrode and a flow of inert gas (argon). The electrode creates an electric arc that raises the temperature of the parts to be welded to the melting point, and then allows them to be joined, with or without filler metal. The heat source is separate from the wire supply. It is a manual process, which requires dexterity.

Widely used in industrial piping, TIG welding makes it possible to join small thicknesses, and to produce a very good quality weld seam, practically without defect, and without producing smoke or residue. It is applicable to all metals.

Soudure TIG

Qualified welding personnel

To carry out TIG welds, we have personnel trained and qualified according to the EN ISO 9606-1 standard. Thanks to this staff, whose know-how has been validated, we can carry out any type of welding on metal parts, with perfect precision.

For more information on this certification, see the job description on the CNCP

Our team is at your disposal for any request for information on the realization of welding on stainless steel parts and fittings.

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