Beal Inox Quality

Our quality system

Certified ISO 9001 version 2015 by the OFC (French certification body), BEAL-INOX implements a very strict Quality Charter with the objective of :

  • The zero defect by a continuous control at all stages of the stainless steel machining.
  • The traceability of the parts by an integrated production management, from the material batch to the delivery note. We have our own spectrometry analysis unit for this purpose.
  • The respect of the deadlines by a daily follow-up of the scheduling (ERP).
  • Continuous improvement of know-how and competitiveness.

The quality of stainless steel parts and fittings is essential in processes that call for extreme technical constraints, and where compliance with health and safety standards is paramount. Beal Inox is committed to customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

ISO 9001 Certificate