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Engraving and marking of stainless steel

Stainless steel marking is a growing practice to ensure traceability and unambiguous identification of parts and fittings. In addition, this technology also allows for the addition of a company logo or icon to create custom parts for each company..

The goal is to achieve a durable, non-invasive visual that meets all safety and traceability requirements on stainless steel parts used in the chemical and food industries.

To meet all your finishing needs on fittings and piping parts, we offer a complete range of technical solutions: printing, mechanical marking and laser engraving of stainless steel.

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Inkjet/Laser Printing on Stainless Steel

Printing on stainless steel is well adapted to curved surfaces and does not alter the integrity of the part. The use of special inks ensures a robust finish and good resistance to the environment (humidity, dust, high temperature…).

Laser printing on steel allows to obtain more precise patterns than inkjet printing, in a fast and durable way, with an excellent quality.

impression à l'encre sur pièce inox

Mechanical marking by micro-percussion

This technique of engraving stainless steel ensures a permanent marking of the metal, and works on flat, convex or concave surfaces. The characters and patterns are drawn by a succession of micro-impacts on the metal part.

Marquage mécanique de l'inox par micro percussion

Laser engraving of stainless steel

Laser engraving creates intricate patterns and fine details, and it is possible to create color variations on the part by adjusting the beam temperature and the exposure time of the stainless steel (MOPA technology).

Marquage laser de l'inox

Laser marking of stainless steel does not damage the surface of the metal, and ensures a permanent and unalterable marking. The pattern is almost instantaneous, and the reproducibility is total, with impeccable quality.

It is currently the most widely used technology for creating custom stainless steel fittings.

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